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The Right Approach to Great Communication

When you are in a conversation at the workplace, there is fun most of the time, but it it also creates conflicts of view points. Some of us avoid the confrontation by being silent or just accept it with a “yes”, to avoid an unpleasant conversation. sometimes people hurt others knowingly or unknowingly. How do you express your self?  What is the healthy approach?

What is the right approach to great communication?

It’s by being transparent. Transparency is achieved by having full awareness of the situation and having a deliberate calculated response which is indicative of  how well you have managed your self. Transparency is having the courage to speak your point of view without inhibition, putting it across in a manner which is acceptable and also receiving what is conveyed by the person who is communicating to you without judging him / her.

A three step approach, i.e. KEC, is useful tip to gain the transparency in communication

Know the Person – Observe and learn about the person during your conversation. This is the ice breaker you must look forward to. You must calibrate the person and understand whether  he / she is an attention grabber or a person who has no complications in speaking their minds or a person who comes to the point straight away politely or in a aggressive way ? Understand their position in the workplace or society as the power of position matters.

Empathize – Having known the person, listen to their opinions and views without judgement. When you do that, you will understand them very easily. this is called the art of empathising.  consideration of the person’s feelings helps to construct a non-emotional way of expression to convey your feelings.

Choose to be direct and considerate – If you have assessed the person, you will know how to approach them, how to start a conversation, when to time and speak sensitive issues and achieve the results you looked for.  Structure the statement clearly to avoid any confusion. On occasions, you must stand up for yourself than carry the feeling of being let down. Focus to be precise and firm in your feedback to make the person understand his / her statements were appropriate / not appropriate.

Transparency in communication is a leadership strength. When the expectations are clearly understood, it helps to have a clear free of flow communication. Aligning helps eliminate the misunderstanding, confusion, misleading opinions and emotional out bursts.

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