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Make your Dreams a Reality – Be a Conscious Creator

What is a Conscious Creator be like?

When you hear about someone’s success, what do you feel about it ?

We all have dreams of making it bigger like in our career, business and so on . Many of us aim for a better income, life, holidays etc. There’s only few people who could able to achieve what they dreamt about. Many of us look for being better, greater or to get more with the comparison to what we have today.

How can be a Conscious Creator than looking to comparing what we have today?

Let us go through a 5 step process to create whatever you may dream for

  1. Focus and clarity – You need to have the clarity in what you have to achieve. If you are looking for a job, you may look at a better job than currently you have. This create the comparison. You need to clearly aim at what position, organization and the X amount of money you would like to have. This makes your goal clear and focused.
  2. Being Non-Judgmental – We spent a lot of time every day judging people and receiving judgement. The unwillingness to receive judgments loosen the clarity and focus towards what you like to have.  The introspects in judging the action / reaction from other’s make you not to receive the possibilities that come in your way to achieve the dream . When you acknowledge the judgements, you set your mind to be open to receive all the possibilities that may show up. Which eventually help you to focus on your goals
  3. Visualize – This helps your mind and body to receive whatever you are aiming at. Once you set the goals, visualize the positive outcomes you get being there. The state of mind being there, create lot of positive vibration and help to focus towards achieving it. One of the simple way is to use the goals to associate with short-term pain or short-term pleasure or long-term pain or long-term pleasure to help to stay focused
  4. Awareness – if you don’t believe in deserving what you are seeking for, it’s simple that you may not achieve it. The vibration of inner fear and lack of clarity in yourself create the patterns that will block your focus. The emotions and feelings what create about what you are seeking for will impact you positively and negatively. Whenever you create a thought there are neuro lingual connection getting created in the brain. So the emotions help to manifest the thought process faster. To change the negative attitude, you can create list of things you are grateful for and make a list that appreciate you. This gives you the change in perception and helps create a positive awareness.
  5. Being intentional – is about more focused on what you would like to achieve. You need to focus on everyday activities that get you there to achieve your dream. This is a way of making your brain alert and look for all possible resource you will get to reach there.

To be a conscious creator, being in awareness, being non-judgmental, being in gratitude help manifesting what you would like to achieve. Being grateful and appreciative for the things happened in your life are the simple ways to process your dreams. Finally staying focused and having the clarity of what you look for solidifies your belief system and reinforces the visualization process to create opportunities to achieve your dreams

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