How to practice Mindfulness for a Rewarding Career

How much of your career success are you limiting in the current reality? Not everyone choose to make to a successful entrepreneur or at the Board. Some may have a traumatic journey and wondering how to increase the pay cheque to cope up with the changing lifestyle. Most of them the career is a necessity than a fun journey. How mindfulness at work can bring the perceptive to change a rewarding career.

Its easy to practice the mindfulness at work. Staying at present you can create a bright future of your career and can be the master of your life. Here are few questions you can ask to deal with to create a mindful approach

What are the Choices can I make today?

Everyday you can make choices, how the day to be? You can choose something to be achieved or not. For a successful career you need to make your choices of what deliverable you produce the day can bring something great or greater.

What kindness can you brought in for yourself?

Kindness to yourself is a great thing, which is acknowledging you as a great person everyday with potential to be successful.  It is important to move from the shift from the hustle mentality to an emphasis on being treating yourself with gratitude and care. Do things than make it perfect

The guilt has no place at workplace

Don’t feel you are responsible for everything. Choose the priority that need to be work on. Ensure end of the day you have a list which is achievable. The rest to move on to the work in progress bucket. For this make a plan everyday and stay 100% commit to that. Say no to things which will not give you energetic alignment and take the pressure off from the things which will pull you onto stress yourself. Make sure you have an achieved list at the end of the week.

Make a resume of yours monthly

This is an important aspect that you may have a achieved or progress of your professional summary. This gives you sense of your achievements and the opportunities to focus on along with the lessons learnt

Being Present

Mind is full of emotions, thoughts and feelings. When you are frustrated it creates the loop of emotions. Being present is the best way to focus on the current moment. That means the representation of the timeline neither be in past or future but in the front. To be present you need to be highly aware of your senses, body and mind of your actions. You enjoying and focusing totally onto the present will more quality and effectiveness. Being Present is about consistently acknowledging the unlimited power within you.

Change the perception of a task to fun

When you look at things to do as more enjoyment for you than just as a task it creates a different energy and sense. Which make the work more productive and help stay focused. It’s important for you to look at the work as more fun than a mandated or a forced stuff however the work is. Change he definition of each task to fun oriented that means it gives an enjoyment and satisfaction


Practicing the above you can start creating a greater mindfulness at work which eventually give you a rewarding career

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