Embracing New ways of Parenting!

Do you acknowledge that your child has a story to tell or dreams as you have?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a space for you child to express themselves?, explore their capacity? Rather than holding back & limiting what they want to do.

Parenting become more fun when you acknowledge your child. Acknowledge that, the child has greater choices like an adult. Be that doing a homework or playing or choosing a toy, she or he may have a reason for not choosing to do, or to choose to do .  As a parent it is not the responsibility, but it is the sharing what you have with the Child which will empower him or her. It is creating a greater possibilities of creation in a child’s world giving and adding value to his or her choices.

The earlier ages of the child are the crucial period of growth in many areas of the physical, emotional, learning, behavioral patterns. If you are aware of what is the Child’s personality or behavioral pattern it will help the parent to how to deal with them in a greatest extent. If you understand the learning behaviors of the child at the earliest it is great to be a parent to understand what environmental support they need to give them to strengthen the child’s innate abilities

The belief and the point of view existing is that, children needs to be taught what is wrong and right from the young age. What if everything is right and there is nothing wrong? More than teaching finding wrongness, make them aware of the causes if they choose something.  Can we acknowledge that children have greater awareness?  They need to be taught by creating more awareness than using the judging and controlling. What is that, if inculcate a behavior of asking questions to empower them to have greater awareness ? There are two brilliant questions that can be used to improve their awareness to a greater level. “How does it get any better than that?” and “What else is possible”. Never limit them if they achieve a greater success in any but always put the seed of what else can be possible here or how better this can be? That create the curiosity go better and create greater possibilities.


Parenting is a great art of empowering your child to be who he or she is. Acknowledging their abilities and let them allow to do their choice. As a parent the greatest responsibility lies in having the awareness of the child as how to be a great human being they are than manipulating them on different aspects.

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