A group of office colleagues making some small talk out of the office

The Right Approach to Great Communication

When you are in a conversation at the workplace, there is fun most of the time, but it it also creates conflicts of view points. Some of us avoid the confrontation by being silent or just accept it with a “yes”, to avoid an unpleasant conversation. sometimes people hurt others knowingly or unknowingly. How do you express your self?  What is the healthy approach?

What is the right approach to great communication?

It’s by being transparent. Transparency is achieved by having full awareness of the situation and having a deliberate calculated response which is indicative of  how well you have managed your self. Transparency is having the courage to speak your point of view without inhibition, putting it across in a manner which is acceptable and also receiving what is conveyed by the person who is communicating to you without judging him / her.

A three step approach, i.e. KEC, is useful tip to gain the transparency in communication

Know the Person – Observe and learn about the person during your conversation. This is the ice breaker you must look forward to. You must calibrate the person and understand whether  he / she is an attention grabber or a person who has no complications in speaking their minds or a person who comes to the point straight away politely or in a aggressive way ? Understand their position in the workplace or society as the power of position matters.

Empathize – Having known the person, listen to their opinions and views without judgement. When you do that, you will understand them very easily. this is called the art of empathising.  consideration of the person’s feelings helps to construct a non-emotional way of expression to convey your feelings.

Choose to be direct and considerate – If you have assessed the person, you will know how to approach them, how to start a conversation, when to time and speak sensitive issues and achieve the results you looked for.  Structure the statement clearly to avoid any confusion. On occasions, you must stand up for yourself than carry the feeling of being let down. Focus to be precise and firm in your feedback to make the person understand his / her statements were appropriate / not appropriate.

Transparency in communication is a leadership strength. When the expectations are clearly understood, it helps to have a clear free of flow communication. Aligning helps eliminate the misunderstanding, confusion, misleading opinions and emotional out bursts.


Is Perfection an enemy to Progress?

Do you believe yourself to be 100% in all the things you do? Is 99% not good enough?

Many of us get trapped in to the perfectionism, looking at the small bit of pieces to complete to make it 100%. Being a perfectionist, you may look to be imperfect to others. Perfectionism is a trap, which make you not capable enough. The fun you can thoroughly enjoy in whatever you do, you may not be able to, if look for perfectionism. You keep losing your time at small details and get off from the track of other things. You limit people to come onto your life just because they cannot cope up with the details of things you are looking at. Being a perfectionist not only kept you in isolation and keep in damper of life receiving the enjoyment

Why do people to be perfectionist? The simple reason being they cannot take judgement of others. They do not want to get blames or receive any critical feedback. With the fact that they do things to get appreciation than critical feedback. The other aspect they tend to forget is, if they do not complete the tasks on time they may receive to be not responsible in others point of view. The people who are perfectionist are surrounded by the point of view of themselves and find satisfaction in what they do ignoring the fact of how important for others to have those tasks done by them is important. The perfectionist cannot see a big picture. In a professional life, they may be put back in the responsibilities they need to share. They have been seen as a person who cannot progress on task given to them, not able to understand the vision and the need of the organization. They eventually not get any feedback from others as others keep a judgement of them as not responsible enough.

Trying to ne perfectionist you lose the real taste of life. If you try your child to be perfect, he may never walk or taste the food. Because when he takes the first step, he can never be perfect. It stops you from growing, learning, exploring and having fun at life.

Be willing to let go of judgement

If you do not have judgment there will not be any standards or baseline. The other way of letting go of judgement is the willingness to receive the judgement. Or in other terms the willingness to grow, learn and explore. So dealing with perfection is changing your mindset to receive judgement. In a professional environment when you receive feedback you are in allowance of making yourself into the progress of learning and making improvements. It gives allowance for you to receive by people as a learner and enthusiastic

Doing incremental steps

Finishing tasks on incremental progress is best way to progress with things you do. This means doing the first cut of things to complete. Review an reproces the task to look at the progress and take the learning from it. This way you be mastering the art of the activities and eventually be able to do it in much faster time than the first. You may receive appreciation from other people to be quick and inculcating their needs and urgency if the task involves other people. You may also have perceived as good leader in a professional environment and other leaders in the organization will look up to you to take more responsibilities

 Be flexible

Set your rules aside. If you get into the rules of perfectionisms you get trapped. You room need to be perfect, your kitchen need not be perfect, the tasks given to you need to be perfect but it needs completion. To reach to completion you need to progress with it. The rules you set will not allow you to progress. You need be flexible around to look at what is required to get it progressed. The rules put will put you onto pressure and stress. The rules set around is the inner fear of handling the abilities you have. There’s so much of creativity and abilities in you that you set yourself to perceive as failures when you are not flexible enough to explore and progress with it. So, you set rules around them not to failure. Taking out the rules is the best way to perceive progress and have fun with whatever you do

If you remember the 8-20 principle, it is important to focus on the 20% of things that produce the 80% of the desired outcome. The key to success is to give the best effort in what you do rather than holding off to make progress and take the key learning to make incremental improvements to it. Hence make move from perfection to progress.


Embracing New ways of Parenting!

Do you acknowledge that your child has a story to tell or dreams as you have?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a space for you child to express themselves?, explore their capacity? Rather than holding back & limiting what they want to do.

Parenting become more fun when you acknowledge your child. Acknowledge that, the child has greater choices like an adult. Be that doing a homework or playing or choosing a toy, she or he may have a reason for not choosing to do, or to choose to do .  As a parent it is not the responsibility, but it is the sharing what you have with the Child which will empower him or her. It is creating a greater possibilities of creation in a child’s world giving and adding value to his or her choices.

The earlier ages of the child are the crucial period of growth in many areas of the physical, emotional, learning, behavioral patterns. If you are aware of what is the Child’s personality or behavioral pattern it will help the parent to how to deal with them in a greatest extent. If you understand the learning behaviors of the child at the earliest it is great to be a parent to understand what environmental support they need to give them to strengthen the child’s innate abilities

The belief and the point of view existing is that, children needs to be taught what is wrong and right from the young age. What if everything is right and there is nothing wrong? More than teaching finding wrongness, make them aware of the causes if they choose something.  Can we acknowledge that children have greater awareness?  They need to be taught by creating more awareness than using the judging and controlling. What is that, if inculcate a behavior of asking questions to empower them to have greater awareness ? There are two brilliant questions that can be used to improve their awareness to a greater level. “How does it get any better than that?” and “What else is possible”. Never limit them if they achieve a greater success in any but always put the seed of what else can be possible here or how better this can be? That create the curiosity go better and create greater possibilities.


Parenting is a great art of empowering your child to be who he or she is. Acknowledging their abilities and let them allow to do their choice. As a parent the greatest responsibility lies in having the awareness of the child as how to be a great human being they are than manipulating them on different aspects.


How to practice Mindfulness for a Rewarding Career

How much of your career success are you limiting in the current reality? Not everyone choose to make to a successful entrepreneur or at the Board. Some may have a traumatic journey and wondering how to increase the pay cheque to cope up with the changing lifestyle. Most of them the career is a necessity than a fun journey. How mindfulness at work can bring the perceptive to change a rewarding career.

Its easy to practice the mindfulness at work. Staying at present you can create a bright future of your career and can be the master of your life. Here are few questions you can ask to deal with to create a mindful approach

What are the Choices can I make today?

Everyday you can make choices, how the day to be? You can choose something to be achieved or not. For a successful career you need to make your choices of what deliverable you produce the day can bring something great or greater.

What kindness can you brought in for yourself?

Kindness to yourself is a great thing, which is acknowledging you as a great person everyday with potential to be successful.  It is important to move from the shift from the hustle mentality to an emphasis on being treating yourself with gratitude and care. Do things than make it perfect

The guilt has no place at workplace

Don’t feel you are responsible for everything. Choose the priority that need to be work on. Ensure end of the day you have a list which is achievable. The rest to move on to the work in progress bucket. For this make a plan everyday and stay 100% commit to that. Say no to things which will not give you energetic alignment and take the pressure off from the things which will pull you onto stress yourself. Make sure you have an achieved list at the end of the week.

Make a resume of yours monthly

This is an important aspect that you may have a achieved or progress of your professional summary. This gives you sense of your achievements and the opportunities to focus on along with the lessons learnt

Being Present

Mind is full of emotions, thoughts and feelings. When you are frustrated it creates the loop of emotions. Being present is the best way to focus on the current moment. That means the representation of the timeline neither be in past or future but in the front. To be present you need to be highly aware of your senses, body and mind of your actions. You enjoying and focusing totally onto the present will more quality and effectiveness. Being Present is about consistently acknowledging the unlimited power within you.

Change the perception of a task to fun

When you look at things to do as more enjoyment for you than just as a task it creates a different energy and sense. Which make the work more productive and help stay focused. It’s important for you to look at the work as more fun than a mandated or a forced stuff however the work is. Change he definition of each task to fun oriented that means it gives an enjoyment and satisfaction


Practicing the above you can start creating a greater mindfulness at work which eventually give you a rewarding career